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Stimuli is a new-age fragrance house that utilises the power of scent to enhance experiences.

The sense of smell has the strongest link to psychology, memory and emotion. It has been scientifically proven that scents can directly affect our mood, attention span, appetite, and memory among other things.

Pioneering Scent Marketing in India, we help brands and busineses to unlock a new dimension of marketing through scent, fortifying their brand identity and loyalty, enhancing brand recall, building emotional connections and holistic experiences and increasing footfall and engagement to boost revenue. 

Our purposeful, wellness-based consumer products aim to unlock the potential of the human mind by stimulating the senses. Through the discipline of aromachology, our products and experiences help you attain the desired state of mind to Energise, Sleep, Focus, or Relax - bringing forth the concept of Wellness-as-a-Lifestyle.

aromachology (n.) - a new age science that studies the influence of aroma on human psychology and behaviour


wellness (n.) - the constant pursuit to improve your mental, physical and emotional states

Traditionally in India, there has been a lack of awareness about mental and emotional wellbeing. Though this mindset is slowly transforming, there is still a gap in the ongoing pursuit towards holistic wellness. As a society with constantly increasing distractions, we have become more connected digitally but less connected individually. This has led to inefficiencies, fatigue and an unhealthy lifestyle. Furthermore there aren’t enough purposeful products in the market, despite the evolving consumer interest in functionality over just aesthetics.​

Our Philosophy


We harness the power of evidence based science and research in all helms of our business, from colour theory to product creation. Our products are based on aromachology, a new-age science with well documented research conducted globally.


We understand the importance of mental wellbeing and hope to increase the awareness and impact of wellness in our lives. We recognise that being in the desired frame of mind at the appropriate time has a positive effect on our psychological health.


We prioritise quality over quantity and thus use 100% natural essential oils and their constituents in all our consumer spray blends. Natural essential oils form the basis of international studies conducted on aromachology.


We stand for a world beyond just aesthetics, what's inside matters more. From our products to our design, there is a purpose behind any decision we take and we differentiate ourselves by developing functional products and experiences.


We follow sustainable practices and processes. We use recycled and reusable materials such as glass, cardboard and paper, limiting the amount of plastic in all our consumer sprays.

Stimuli Made in India


We support local sourcing and manufacturing by Indian MSMEs and endorse 'Make in India - Make for the world'. We hope to uplift India to the forefront of the wellness movement utilizing our global exposure and experiences.


We constantly improve ourselves through consumer feedback and sentiments. Through technological innovations and consumer behaviour, we aim to deliver the best experience to our consumers.


We have embodied the values of our birthplace (New Delhi) and our Alma Mater (University of Oxford), both multicultural global hubs. As empathetic founders, we are passionate about creating a positive impact on our society.

Meet The Team

Stimuli Founder Mohak Dhingra.jpg
  • LinkedIn - Mohak Dhingra


Strategist by nature ; Strives for innovation and growth

Diverse business experience ; 6th gen perfumer

Entrepreneur at heart ; Co-founded Jobspire in 2015 (now acquired)

Oxford MBA ; Manipal Computer Science Grad

Passionate photographer ; Avid traveller

My personal favourite experiences

Energise: Morning Plunge
Sleep: Starry Night
Focus: Cosmic Zeal
Relax: Young Love

  • LinkedIn - Siddharth Bansal
Stimuli Co-founder Siddharth Bansal.jpeg


Born empath ; Strives to perfect the consumer journey
Cross-industry work experience ; Hospitality, IT, and Film Production 
Passionate about marketing ; Trend-savvy 
Oxford MBA ; Emerson Marketing Grad
Petrolhead ; Foodie

My personal favourite experiences

Energise: Tangy Sunshine 
Sleep: Desert Oasis 
Focus: Zero In

Relax: Inner Peace

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