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Stimuli is a new-age fragrance house that utilises the power of scent to enhance experiences.

Pioneering Scent Marketing in India, we develop scents that encapsulate a brand’s personality to create a holistic sensory experience. We help brands and businesses unlock a new dimension of marketing through scent by fortifying their brand identity and loyalty, enhancing brand recall, building emotional connections & elevating experiences and increasing footfall and engagement to boost revenue. 

Additionally, we craft fully customisable scent-based, private-labelled products and solutions such as candles, perfumes, reed diffusers, room sprays, car fresheners etc.

The sense of smell has the strongest link to psychology, memory and emotion. It has been scientifically proven that scents can directly affect our mood, attention span, appetite, and memory among other things.

Meet The Team

Stimuli Founder Mohak Dhingra.jpg
  • LinkedIn - Mohak Dhingra


Strategist by nature ; Strives for innovation and growth

Diverse business experience ; 6th gen perfumer

Entrepreneur at heart ; Co-founded Jobspire in 2015 (now acquired)

Oxford MBA ; Manipal Computer Science Grad

Passionate photographer ; Avid traveller

  • LinkedIn - Siddharth Bansal
Stimuli Co-founder Siddharth Bansal.jpeg


Born empath ; Strives to perfect the consumer journey
Cross-industry work experience ; Hospitality, IT, and Film Production 
Passionate about marketing ; Trend-savvy 
Oxford MBA ; Emerson Marketing Grad
Petrolhead ; Foodie

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