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Desert Oasis - A Warm Respite In The Cold Dunes


Night In The Sandy Desert

Silhouettes of sand dunes as far as the eye can see, crystal clear skies with shimmering stars, and a cool desert breeze provide relief from the daytime scorch. Soft drums can be heard in the distance as small nomadic groups gather around a bonfire in an oasis and enjoy the cool starlit night. Flamed torches are dotted across, radiating a soothing warm glimmer in the otherwise dark desert. Varied transport surrounds the groups in the form of camels, horses, bikes, and jeeps. This spot is a respite in the desert attracting many to flock here for a much needed break.

Aura Spray - Desert Oasis

Taxes Included
  • Leading with musky and sweet notes of Vetiver,  Geranium and Neroli, Desert Oasis is a sleep inducing aromatic blend. Intense and woody notes of Cedarwood, Jatamansi and Valerian give it a distinctive character, and are balanced by floral notes of Jasmine and Lavender towards the end.

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