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Intrinsic Compass - An Internal Whisper Guiding The Way


Overcoming Obstacles In Rocky Terrain

Dry and hard rock formations, tall cacti, and sparse bushes make up the sharp landscape around the red desert. The jagged rock formation that is about to be scaled provides some shade from the hot desert sun. Fingers hold tightly at the crevices in this terrain as the climb begins. The aspiration and goal is to reach the top, which drives you to navigate the way up. The last stretch is most strenuous but the confidence & desire to keep going, the view from up above and the instant gratification make this experience most rewarding.

Aura Spray - Intrinsic Compass

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  • Leading with a dry, green and spicy note of Fennel, Intrinsic Compass is a crisp aromatic blend. Clary Sage, Patchouli, Cinnamon and Carrot Seed give the blend a spicy touch, while Lavender and Bergamot add a sweet tinge.

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