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Spa Day - A Perfect Way To Spend Me-Time


Reboot To Recover

There are days when one needs to pause from daily monotonies to take care of themselves and a spa is the perfect place to do just this. Upon stepping in, one is greeted with serenity & a sense of calm, preparing you for the rejuvenating experience to follow. The full body massage, the misty sauna and the revitalizing hot tub soothe your nerves and relax your senses enabling you to momentarily drift away from day to day setbacks. A soothing melody and rhythmic massage movements release tension and pain, renewing & uplifting the body and soul, providing the ultimate way to wind down and soothe your senses.

Aura Spray - Spa Day

Taxes Included
  • Leading with an earthy note of Vetiver, Spa Day is a softening and settling aromatic blend. Subtle spicy notes of Clary Sage and Basil combined with Chamomile add character to the blend which is subsequently followed by a sweet powdery note of Lavender.

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