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Spice Route - A Whiff Of The Indian Kitchen


Afternoon Stroll Through The Spice Market

Take a trip through the narrow busy alleyways, in the older part of the city, which are bustling with loud sounds, exotic sights and complex smells. Navigating through these vibrant streets around lunch hour, one can hear the sound of splattering oil and see different kinds of food being prepared with local spices. The piping hot tea, the masala tadka and warm smiles all across bring with them a sense of nostalgia. These intense smells activate the senses, giving the body warmth and energy.

Aura Spray - Spice Route

Taxes Included
  • Leading with exotic notes of Basil, Blackpepper, Rosemary and Cinnamon, Spice Route is an invigorating and vibrant aromatic blend. Hints of Cedarwood and Bergamot follow the spices, and the blend ends with a sweet note of Lavender and cool but sharp notes of Spearmint and Wintergreen.

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