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Starry Night - A Tranquil Stargazing Experience


Summer Night Camping In The Forest

After a long day of trekking and swimming in a pond deep inside the forest, there is no better way to relax than lying down on the cool grass and watching a clear night sky full of stars. The silence of the lush forest is only broken by the occasional sound of leaves brushing against one another, a cricket chirping or an owl hooting. The cool breeze touches the body playfully on this warm summer night and this habitat helps one reconnect with themselves by being one with nature.

Aura Spray - Starry Night

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  • Leading with sharp notes of Pine and Vetiver, accompanied by mild spices - Clary Sage and Ginger, Starry Night is a comforting and green aromatic blend. Hints of floral Rose, Ylang Ylang and Lavender follow the early coolness, and are rounded off by sweet citrus notes of Bergamot and Orange.

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