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Stimuli.Life - Sanna Qazi Testimonial.jpeg

Sanna Qazi


Comes in a beautiful glass bottle. Very strong and potent fragrance. Intriguing combinations of ingredients. If the bottle is labelled “relax”, it’s actually gonna make you relax! 
It’s not just good fragrance, it absolutely has effects on our senses and state.

I love it and I can not wait to try every other aura spray Stimuli has. ♥️

Stimuli.Life - Varun Srinivasan Testimonial.jpeg

Varun Srinivasan


Spice Route does give you a burst of instant energy. If a fragrance could facilitate time travel, spice route would do just that, transporting you to a precolonial Indian bazaar, on a busy lane, amidst authentic and unadulterated Indian fragrances. It’s intense. When I’m super low and need that external kick, it works brilliantly, however. So, the science works, validating what Stimuli is claiming the product will do.

Saranbir Singh

New Delhi

Very sceptically I ordered these sprays constantly fearing I was giving into a fad. I couldn't have been more wrong. The beautiful and simple packaging was the first thing to impress me and it only got better from there on in. The scents are an absolute delight to the senses and as far as the effects go, I was blown away! Used the toasted marshmallow and I can't remember the last time I slept so well. It didn't just end at me, my wife and little children are equally impressed and my only fear now is, I wont be able to sleep without my Stimuli anymore!

Stimuli.Life - Saranbir Singh Testimonial.jpg

Deepa Bhutani


It cured my covid induced insomnia. I was unable to get sound sleep post covid. The prescribed sleeping medicines and eating carb dense food at night also didn't help. Then one day I used young love aura spray and finally after about a konth of having sleepless nights I slept peacefully and since then I have been using it daily to have relaxing sleep each night.  Have recommended it to my friends also. Well done team Stimuli!

Stimuli.Life - Deepa Bhutani Testimonial.jpg
Stimuli.Life - Jatinder S Bhogal Testimonial.jpg

Dr. Jatinder S Bhogal

New Delhi

I had been experiencing the problem of disturbed sleep for last many months. Thanks to Stimuli's Starry Night Aura Spray, filled with magic and packed with utmost care, just 3-4 sprays took me to the world of tranquility, drowning me slowly into deep sleep. When I got up the next morning, it felt so bright and fresh.

Stimuli.Life - Pravir Yadav Testimonial.jpg

Pravir Yadav

New Delhi

The smell is long lasting and the freshness of ingredients of the essential oils and the aroma is beautiful & majestic. It does help in the change of mood. I hope to use it in the longer term to see more effects.

Sejal Agarwal


If I were to say my experience with Stimuli was ‘blissful’, it would be an understatement. Unboxing was a delightful experience in itself - from the packaging to the personalised note - a refreshing change from the usual. I ordered Young Love (Relax) and Toasted Marshmallow (Sleep), and oh boy, the aromas are addictive. My sleep quality has drastically improved and my mind is in a state of bliss, more than ever.  Can’t wait to try out their other categories.

Stimuli.Life - Sejal Agarwal Testimonial.jpg

Ashutosh Sharma

New Delhi

Welll...what's to say!?! As a "scent junky", finding this place was like an affirmation that Santa Claus does indeed exist! These products have a refreshing fragrance, are soothing and long lasting! I am very happy with my purchases and shall be ordering more! Good job folks! 🥳

Stimuli.Life - Ashutosh Sharma Testimonial.jpeg
Stimuli.Life - Anila Junaid Testimonial.jpeg

Anila Junaid


Loved the whole experience from the detailing in the packaging to the in-depth write up and information on the website which really helped me make an informed decision before my purchase. The spray definitely helped me relax a little more than usual before bedtime. Will continue to use and see added benefits over time!

Stimuli.Life - Sidhant Jain. Testimonialjpeg

Sidhant Jain

New Delhi

The entire shopping experience was very informative and seamless. Right from selecting a fragrance that met my needs to having the package delivered on time - the journey was super smooth. Would love to try another one from a different category.

Yash Srivasatav

New Delhi

The packaging is fantastic and the smell is great. Surprised that smell can have such a positive affect. Using the Energize products at work and looking forward to trying the other ranges. 10/10 would recommend!

Stimuli.Life - Yash Srivastav Testimonial.jpg

Ananya Doda

New Delhi

Amazing experience! Especially the personalised message!

Stimuli.Life - Ananya Doda Testimonial.jpg

Siddharth Batra

New Delhi

Loved the fragrances and the overall experience!

Shiva Dhawan

New Delhi

Amazing and original stuff with lovely packing - most importantly very useful during sleepless nights of intense work

Stimuli.Life - Akhil Jacob Testimonial 1.jpeg

Akhil Jacob


I must say that Stimuli has definitely drawn me into a mystical association with aroma. I’ve always been fascinated with subtle and refreshing fragrances, never could imagine its healing process until lately.  

Working for several hours and life events otherwise does bring quite an amount of undeniable stress.  And then I glance at these adorable little white bottles that look like upside down icicles with hued labels; simple and cute.

Anuj Agarwala

New Delhi

Nice website. Products arrived well packed. Unique fragrances which smell natural and do not overwhelm.

Jasmine Bhogal


Loved everything right from the packaging with the personalised note to the fragrance!!

Stimuli.Life - Akhil Jacob Testimonial 2.jpeg

A few spritz of them not only brings calmness but relaxation to balance all the tangents.  I feel connected to them, so to speak. 

I am in love with the Tangy Sunshine, for me it’s magical.  It’s like a thousand citruses hugging,  rendering me to have a close-eyed smile eventually.  

Sincerely, I feel it’s imperative to acknowledge the perspective of your profound research and time that you guys have invested in this.  Thanks for bringing a change, a positive outlook, and of course the soothing energy.  

Can’t wait to explore more of Stimuli.

Raisa Luther


I loved the scent itself, it was heady without being overwhelming.  The fragrant notes of rose were very calming, and I love spraying it in the air before going to bed as a part of my nighttime ritual. It lingers in the air for a whole day, easily.

Stimuli.Life - Raisa Luther Testimonial.jpeg

Dhruv Maheshwari

New Delhi

Absolutely in love with the products , sepcially the Old Fashioned is my personal favourite. Whenever I smell the fragrance it takes me on a nostalgic trip ❤️
thanks for the products team stimuli 😬

Stimuli.Life - Dhruv Maheshwari Testimonial.jpg

Richa Khurana Grover

New Delhi

I love the idea behind the Aura sprays. It is something very new to me. My mom and I like the Inner Peace spray.

Eshanya Bhutani


Giving offline exams after two years was pretty distracting and difficult but the Bull's Eye Focus spray helped me stay on track, focus and complete my work on time.

Shubhang Goenka


Loved the personalised note, the different categories, and the HUGE range of scents. Liked the price also, very sensible and worth it. Also the quantity is quite a lot so happy with that.

Karan Thakur


The best part is that it’s effective which honestly was a surprise for me as I didn’t expect it to be that effective

Gauri Seth

New Delhi

On most days, I couldn't tell if the scent had a noticeable difference on my mood Or energy which is why I am sharing the feedback after 4months... On an exceptionally low day, I sprayed Tangy Sunshine in all corners of the house and within minutes I feel a remarkable change in my energy levels. Highly recommend it!

Prateek Soni


Prior to using Stimuli's 'Sleep' product, I observed inconsistencies in my sleep pattern. I often saw myself wake up in the middle of the night, and found it difficult to go back to sleep within a short time. After using stimuli, this changed, and now I am able to consistently get 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I look forward to using the other products.

Ivy Khullar

New Delhi

Absolutely loved the spray, the aroma was indeed very soothing and set the tone for bedtime. The only reason I’ve given mismatch score for the scent is that I was expecting a pine forward scent, more cabin in the woods and green smell but it was more on the fresh side. As a scent on its own, was very appealing 😊

Sangeeta Gupta


The product has a pleasant, mild aroma which helps in getting a relaxed frame of mind. Slept well.

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