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Stimuli.Life Inner Peace


A Harmony Of Mind, Body And Soul

Bringing Balance To Life

Life can be overwhelming with a constant barrage of problems and obstacles that may cause stress and anxiety. It is vital to detach oneself from the daily obstacles and focus on the master plan. But it can be difficult to disengage without physically being in or creating a zen environment. Deep breaths cleanse the soul, closed eyes calm the mind, and these together aid mindfulness. The ultimate goal is to bring attention to the present without worrying about the past or the future, as this is what brings peace within.

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Stimuli.Life Inner Peace

The Science Behind Our Blend

Stimuli.Life - Rose


cleanses mind

reduces stress

eases physical pain

uplifts mood

decreases heart rate

Stimuli.Life - Chamomile


aids quality sleep

cleanses mind

elevates mood

enhances energy

reduces anxiety

Stimuli.Life - Lavender


reduces nervous tension

manages emotional stress

balances hormones

soothes mind

aids quality sleep

Stimuli.Life - Orange


boosts motivation

uplifts spirit

reduces anxiety

restores calmness

enhances cognition

Stimuli.Life - Neroli


normalises blood pressure

reduces stress

combats anxiety

uplifts mood

decreases cortisol


The Merits of Being Relaxed

Stablised Heart Rate  |  Improved Emotional Wellbeing  |  Calming Effect  |  Reduced Anxiety  |  Healthier Lifestyle


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