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Morning Plunge - An Enchanting Escapade To Rejuvenate


Refreshing Swim In The Pine Forest Lake

At the break of dawn when the birds and insects can be heard starting their day, stroll into the dense forest laden with morning fog and fresh dew. Experience the crisp sights and sounds of the lush green forest and take in the essence of nature, as the pond mirrors the pine trees painting a private scenic view. Plunging into the fresh waters, embrace the first light of the day and feel the skin break into goosebumps as blood gushes to enliven the body.

Aura Spray - Morning Plunge

Taxes Included
  • Leading with green notes of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Pine, coupled with strong Spearmint, Morning Plunge is an enlivening and spirited aromatic blend. Hints of spices including Basil and Rosemary balance the sweet and minty nature of Rose, Peppermint and Wintergreen.

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