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Stimuli.Life - Morning Plunge


An Enchanting Escape To Rejuvenate

Refreshing Swim In The Pine Forest Lake

At the break of dawn when the birds and insects can be heard starting their day, stroll into the dense forest laden with morning fog and fresh dew. Experience the crisp sights and sounds of the lush green forest and take in the essence of nature, as the pond mirrors the pine trees painting a private scenic view. Plunging into the fresh waters, embrace the first light of the day and feel the skin break into goosebumps as blood gushes to enliven the body.

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Stimuli.Life - Morning Plunge

The Science Behind Our Blend

Stimuli.Life - Spearmint


elevates mood

enhances energy

boosts concentration

revitalises body

manages emotional stress

Stimuli.Life - Wintergreen


elevates mood

eliminates lethargy

induces positivity

manages emotional stress

heightens senses

Stimuli.Life - Eucalyptus


refreshes body

eases exhaustion

soothes mind

uplifts spirit

reduces stress

Stimuli.Life - Pine


reduces stress

alievates mental fatigue

induces positivity

cleanses mind

enhances energy

Stimuli.Life - Tea Tree

Tea Tree

clears brain fog

boosts immunity

reduces anxiety

elevates mood

reduces stress


The Merits of Being Energised

Enhanced Productivity  |  Increased Happiness  |  Improved Focus  |  Boosted Confidence  |  More Willpower  |  Better Efficiency


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