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Stimuli.Life Toasted Marshmallow


As Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Cosy Winter Night In A Log Cabin

There is an unparalleled joy in being indoors in a cosy room on a snowy winter night. The sweet smell of marshmallows roasting in the fireplace brings warmth and so do the people that fill the room with smiles, jokes and laughter. This small wooden cabin in the hills, decorated with thick rugs, plush blankets and the orange hues of a lit fireplace is the ideal kind of environment to be at peace in. 

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Stimuli.Life - Toasted Marshmallow

The Science Behind Our Blend

Stimuli.Life - Sandalwood


decreases hyperactivity

increases mental alertness

promotes harmony

aids quality sleep

cleanses mind 

Stimuli.Life - Chamomile


aids quality sleep

cleanses mind

elevates mood

enhances energy

reduces anxiety

Stimuli.Life - Lavender


reduces nervous tension

manages emotional stress

balances hormones

soothes mind

aids quality sleep

Stimuli.Life - Orange


boosts motivation

uplifts spirit

reduces anxiety

restores calmness

enhances cognition

Stimuli.Life - Cedarwood


eases tension

improves cerebral activity

reduces stress

decreases hyperactivity

cleanses mind


The Merits of Quality Sleep

Enriched Problem Solving Skills  |  Boosted Productivity  |  Increased Attention  |  Enhanced Immunity  |  Better Reflex  |  Higher EQ


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