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A Willingness To Go The Extra Mile

Exploring The Treasures Of Knowledge

It can get overwhelming whilst preparing for important tasks. The mind has a tendency to wander and mostly tends to linger around negative outcomes, affecting productivity and deliverability. Perched in solitude inside a rustic library that has seen many come and go, one can feel the weight of an anxious mind and the fear of failure. With a  desire to perform, the inherent hunger to flourish takes over this pressure and brings the mind to task. The deep grains of the wooden desk, crispness of old paper, and the pin-drop silence suppress distracting thoughts, carving a distinct path to success.

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Stimuli.Life - Zero In

The Science Behind Our Blend

Stimuli.Life - Frankincense


cleanses mind

reduces stress

eases physical pain

uplifts mood

decreases heart rate

Stimuli.Life - Cedarwood


eases tension

improves cerebral activity

reduces stress

decreases hyperactivity

cleanses mind

Stimuli.Life - Lavender


reduces nervous tension

manages emotional stress

balances hormones

soothes mind

aids quality sleep

Stimuli.Life - Orange


boosts motivation

uplifts spirit

reduces anxiety

restores calmness

enhances cognition

Stimuli.Life - Lime


revitalises body

alievates mental fatigue

boosts appetite 

contains antioxidants 

reduces stress


The Merits of Being Focused

Boosted Productivity  |  Improved Quality of Work  |  Better Decision Making Skills  |  Minimised Distractions  |  Increased Confidence


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