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Stimuli.Life Tangy Sunshine


A Radiant Splash Of Citrus

Mid-Summer Mediterranean Day

Sitting in a serene cobblestone courtyard overlooking stunning blue waters that shimmer under the warm Mediterranean sun, one can stay cool under the shade of the orange trees planted all around. The streets are filled with vibrant colours and tourists are enjoying the pleasant day outdoors. Umbrellas on the beach flutter in a delicate and cooling breeze. Sipping on a sweet & sour refresher rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.

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Stimuli.Life Tangy Sunshine

The Science Behind Our Blend

Stimuli.Life - Lemon


elevates mood

enhances energy

cleanses mind 

revives nervous system

restores optimism

Stimuli.Life - Orange


boosts motivation

uplifts spirit

reduces anxiety

restores calmness

enhances cognition

Stimuli.Life - Petitgrain


induces positivity

alievates mental fatigue

reduces stress

promotes relaxation

uplifts spirits

Stimuli.Life - Rose


cleanses mind

reduces stress

eases physical pain

uplifts mood

decreases heart rate

Stimuli.Life - Cedarwood


eases tension

improves cerebral activity

reduces stress

decreases hyperactivity

cleanses mind


The Merits of Being Energised

Enhanced Productivity  |  Increased Happiness  |  Improved Focus  |  Boosted Confidence  |  More Willpower  |  Better Efficiency

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